North Somerset Core Strategy Issues & Options (October 2007)

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Comment Information
Document Section Core Strategy Issues & Options 5. Main Issues 5.16 Question 3 [List all comments on this document part]
Comment ID 706241/CSI&O/2
Respondent Nailsea Town Council [List all comments by this respondent]
Response Date 22 Nov 2007
Current Status Accepted
Agree with issues in general.


i) Imbalance between housing and employment.
ii) Creating a sustainable new community
iii) Safeguarding land for specific purpose; future employment uses
iv) Locating future housing growth. Apart from infill/redevelopment the sustainability issue will determine future growth.
v) Efficient use of land to attain higher densities where appropriate and a mixture of accommodation.
vi) Should Nailsea be a focus for locally significant development in accord with support to be within B category (Market Town).
vii) Future Green Belt policy.
viii) Improvements to Junctions 19 & 21 on M5 and new crossing of Avon at Portbury.
ix) Poor usage of public transport, especially buses.