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Comment Information
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Response Date 16 Apr 2013
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1. Nailsea Town Council (NTC) broadly supports the North Somerset Core Strategy Publication version. It supports the vision for Nailsea as set out in Vision 4 and agrees with the approach of the unitary authority (as set out in the Priority Objectives of the Core Strategy) that "strategic development" will be focused at Weston-s-Mare whilst employment growth throughout the area will seek to "support greater self containment" and Nailsea should be a "thriving, prosperous settlement and local service centre".

2. The Town Council has undertaken surveys of both local residents and employers to consider the future needs for the town and has promoted development of land to provide additional employment opportunities on the north east side of the town to meet future employment needs whilst also resisting development in what are considered less sustainable locations, and promoting the extension of the Green Belt to the south of the town (North Somerset Replacement Local Plan Inquiry 2006).